7 Functions of Marketing You Should Know


7 Functions of Marketing You Should Know –

Functions of Marketing –

Marketing is the distribution of information to people interested in your products or services to increase the profitability of your business.

The 7 functions of marketing include –

  • Product/Service Development,
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Sales
  • Information control
  • Pricing and distribution

7 Functions of Marketing You Should Know

All the functions are interrelated and have to be implemented in a consistent manner to achieve marketing success. The marketing function of a company is to make the customer experience pleasant or unpleasant and to gain sales. It is also important that the marketing function be combined with other functions in order to gain maximum benefit from the available marketing tools and strategies.

Reach large no of customers –

In this competitive world, marketing is an effective means to reach a large number of customers. A company can achieve a wide range of goals by using the various functions of marketing. The major functions of marketing include customer support, physical distribution, information control, sales, pricing and promotion. These functions of marketing help to gain sales and maintain customer loyalty.

Customer Support –

The customer support function of marketing provides assistance to the sales force in satisfying customers. When customers are happy with the service they receive, they will tell others about their experience, increasing the chance of more sales and repeat business. The primary function of customer support is to provide satisfactory after-sales service. This will help to maintain a long-term positive relationship with the customer and increase the likelihood of repeat sales.

Physical Marketing –

Physical marketing is the delivery of the product or service to the intended target customer. For example, when a person goes to a department store to purchase a pair of shoes, they are being subjected to the sales and marketing practices of that particular store. This includes displays, promotions, promos, discounts, and more. All of these functions of marketing help to increase sales and maintain a strong relationship with the target customer.

7 Functions of Marketing –

The next 7 functions are divided between the marketing department and the promotion and advertising departments. Content marketing deals with the creation of content for distribution online and offline. Promotion deals with the creation of ads and other forms of communication. Advertising is focused on the creation of promotional materials. The objective is to increase awareness of the products or services while also appealing to the target audience.

The last 7 functions are all important functions of marketing. distribution channels play an important role in the overall success of marketing. Marketing attempts to reach the target audience by distributing media. Content marketing targets the key demographics of interest to target customers. Ad campaigns are designed to appeal to the audience based on the contents of the campaign. A distribution channel serves to deliver media to target customers in the format needed by the marketer.

The final 3 functions, called market research and customer analysis, are the most important functions of marketing. Market research seeks to establish what the target market is looking for, when they are looking for it, how to find it, and why they are searching for it. Customer analysis looks to understand what customers want, what they need, and why they need it. Understanding the customer is essential in understanding the entire marketing process. The last function, market research, is designed to determine if a marketing approach is effective.

There are many more major functions of marketing. Each has its own distinct purpose, and each contributes to the growth of marketers. However, when marketers understand the value of the major functions of marketing, they will be able to maximize their efforts. With a good marketing strategy, marketers can enjoy the fruits of their marketing labor.

The first major function of marketing is informing the public about a product or service. In fact, advertising is the only way that marketers inform the general public about a particular item. Advertising helps keep new consumers aware of new products, services, and even old products. In addition, advertising provides information about the latest trends in buying behavior.

Another important function of marketing is selling. Selling persuades consumers to purchase a product or service. This function is similar to the function of informing; however, selling is also a function of marketing, and not just the informing function. Sellers rely on advertisements in order to reach their target market.

Marketing is an important process that should be considered in every type of business. Although many people believe that marketing is simply the dissemination of product information to potential buyers, the processes involved in marketing go far beyond this. The three functions of marketing listed above are some of the most important functions of marketing, and all other functions are only derivative of the marketing functions. Other important functions of marketing include sales promotion, research and development, and the management of inventory.

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  1. These are all important aspects of effective marketing that you have mentioned here. All the functions work together to bring forth desirable results. Also, effective marketing paves the way for more efficient sales and larger bottom line profits. As you mentioned consistency is vital in bringing results that matter. Customer service is a very important aspect that has been neglected by many companies in recent years. The companies that do go the extra mile in performing excellent customer service stand out from their competition. Thanks for all this wonderful information. Much appreciated.

  2. Thank you for this article, great advice shared here. I sometimes struggle with CTA’s and finding the balance of not sounding too pushy but compelling enough to get the visitor to click. Any advice on this appreciated

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