Best ways to increase sales using Marketing Automation –

Marketing Automation can help you generate leads on autopilot , even when you are asleep . You need to put systems on work and reduce manual efforts . Lets understand how you can increase sales using Marketing Automation .

Aim is to Design a system which works on autopilot 365 * 24 and to reduce Human Dependency to do the lead generation .

Best ways to increase sales using Marketing Automation

Getting Traffic to Website –

Your website can become a lead generation machine , if you plan your content and optimize the content for search engines , so when people are looking for your products & services you shld be discovered on top rankings .

You may have to hire an SEO Expert for this but it wld be worth the investment as once your site gets top ranking , you will have regular flow of leads .

You can also use some tools for getting ranked on google and other search engines –

If you wld like to gain more knowledge about SEO , you can visit this site –

Email Automation –

I know lot of marketers have given up on email marketing , as your emails usually end up in spam folder and nobody reads them . But then most of the marketers are doing it wrong , which ends up in waste of time and effort .

Marketers usually buy some random database of the market and broadcast them emails , atleast 20% of them go in hard bounce and rest in spam , resulting into zero leads .

Right approach towards email marketing wld be to create quality email list and nurture them for higher conversions .

For buulding quality email list , first step is to create PDF which gives valuable information about your domain and you need to give that away for FREE in exchange of their email id .

Create a Landing Page with optin form and downloadable link to your PDF , where people will put in their name and email id and download PDF .

This way you can build quality email list .

Next step is to use professional email marketing platform to broadcast emails to this list , you will get high open rate for your emails , which will help you in generating leads .

You can automate complete email sequence , so emails will go as scheduled . You don’t need to put manual efforts .

Recommend this Platform for Email Automation 

Best ways to increase sales using Marketing Automation

Webinar Funnel –

This is a new way of communication used by marketers , you can create recorded webinar and give away some valuable information i.e growth hacks in this webinar .

There are webinar platforms available , where you can schedule automated webinars and people will book slot for your webinar .

They will opt in to your webinar by giving their name and email id + you will also get opportunity to pitch your products & services in the webinar .

If you wld like to know how to sell using webinars , I strongly recommend this book “ Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson “

In this book you will discover some amazing techniques to sell your products and services using webinars .

Recommend this platform for creating webinar funnel 

Chatbots –

This tool is increasingly used by marketers in this modern era of internet marketing .

Chatbot is a messaging tool which is automated with questions and answers , so anyone who visits your site and might have some queries about your products & services , which can be handled by your automated chatbot .

Your audience can also subscribe to your email list and website using this chatbot and they will receive regular messages about your products and services , which can help you get more leads on auto pilot .

Will recommend this platform for building your chatbots .

Checkout this platform for creating Chatbots 

Sales Funnel –

Sales Funnels are helping marketers big time in engaging and converting their audience into sales .

Sales Funnels is a step by step process to engage potential buyers by sending them regular emails ,chats and landing pages .

Sales funnels helps you in mapping this journey for your potential prospects and convert them into your high paying customers .

You can check out how sales funnels are created in this video .

Linkedin –

Linkedin is an amazing B to B Lead Generation platform , You can build targeted network on LinkedIn of your prospects and pitch them your offers .

There is a lot of manual effort involved where you need to send connection requests , send them messages , check profile , collect email ids , contact nos etc

Now you can automate this entire process using a tool called Dux-Soup , this tool has a bot which will help you do all the heavy lifting .

Download dux soup and it will stay on the toolbar of chrome .

Dux-soup BOT will do everything on your behalf , sending connection requests , sending messages , extracting email ids and contact nos from profiles , also downloading profiles .

Check out Dux-Soup Over Here 

Would like to know more about Sales Funnels ? Check out this Blog Post

Check out 36 + Marketing Automation Tools in Action 

Hope you got value in this blog post , pls do share your feedback in comments below .

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