Business Skills Training Courses

Business Skills Training Courses – By Dr Vivek Bindra

  • The most important skill for entrepreneurs is to form reading habit , once you have successfully cultivated this habit , You will be able to gain massive knowledge in your domain through books and get competitive advantage in your business .
  • There is a saying “ Leaders are Readers “

Business Skills Training Courses - By Dr Vivek Bindra

360 Understanding of Business

You need to know various aspects of business like –

  • Sales
  • Strategy & Execution
  • Retail
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Peak Performance Productivity
  • Startup
  • Business Operations

Business Training Programs by Dr Vivek Bindra

Badabusiness by Dr Vivek Bindra offers some amazing business management classes online . All the courses designed by Badabusiness is targeted to help you grow your business .

Presenting Business Brahmastra by Badabusiness . This program offers you 360 skills training required for Business Growth .

Business Skills Training Courses - By Dr Vivek Bindra 

What Training Program Offers

  • Sales Ka Mahakumbh – 100 Strategies
  • Strategy & Execution Ka Mahakumbh – 20 Strategies
  • Retail Ka Mahakumbh – 100 Strategies
  • Leadership Ka Mahakumbh – 30 Strategies
  • Marketing Ka Mahakumbh – 40 Strategies
  • Peak Performance Productivity Ka Mahakumbh – 50 Strategies
  • Startup Ka Mahakumbh – 20 Strategies
  • Business Operation Ka Mahakumbh – 20 Strategies

8 Incredible & Insightful Courses Worth Inr 7,999 For Just Inr 2,999 /-


You also get 3 Problem Solving Courses Worth Inr 29,999/- For FREE ( You can select any 3 Problem Solving Courses for Your Business Areas Which are Your Pain Point )

Get this incredible limited time offer for Just Inr 2,999/-

Check out some of the Problem Solving Courses Offered – You can select any 3 and we will give you for FREE

  • How to start a startup ?
  • Business Automation
  • Fund Raising
  • How to scale a startup ?
  • How to sell ?
  • Video Influencer
  • Whatsapp Marketing
  • Zero dollar marketing
  • Digital Marketing Part 1
  • 25 Business Ideas under 3 Lakhs
  • How to conduct successful webinars ?
  • Micro video mastery
  • Digital Marketing Part 2
  • Solopreneurship
  • 15 Business ideas under 20 Lakhs
  • Low cost marketing ideas

Download complete list of Problem Solving Courses from this LINK 

Access your Courses on our Breakthrough App available for Android & IOS !

Check out Video Walkthrough on Business Brahmastra –

Pls download Business Brahmastra Catalog on this LINK .

We look forward to discuss with you and explore this amazing possibility to take your business to next level .

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