How to create a business website

How To Create a Business Website ?

In this blog post we share some important insights on how to create a business website .

How to create a business website .

Consider This Before You Create a New Website

These are some key aspects which you need to introspect and understand with absolute clarity before you get into the process of creating a webiste for your business.

  1. Why are you creating a website ?
  2. Who is your target audience ?
  3. How wld you get the traffic to your website ?
  4. How wld you generate leads ?
  5. How wld you monetize your website ?
  6. How wld you convert your traffic into buyers ?

Answering above questions will give you some important insights about whats your objective to build a website for your business.

Creating a Website For Your Business

If planned and executed well , your website can become money making machine .

It will get you money into your bank account even when you are sleeping.

Bill Gates once said ” If your business is not on the internet , one day your business will be out of business ”

Take your business online with an effective website to help you grow over the internet.

Thanks to evolution of technology and automation , creating websites these days in not all that difficult.

There are various platforms available to help you build your money making website .

You just need to be ready with your content.

All of these platforms have done for you templates , you just need to select the one works for your business vertical and get started.

Ensure that you have sitemap ready , which will guide you to create your website.

Have mentioned these popular platforms , if you were to create your website yourself.

  • WordPress
  • Wix

Both these platforms have easy to use templates with loads of features which you can plugin to your website.

While i was making my money making website , i discovered this amazing tech platform with 30 + marketing automation tools.

how to create a business website

Check out Training Video on How to Create A Business Website ?

There are loads of pre done website templates , for you to choose from .

This platform will also help you understand concept of marketing sales funnels.

Marketing sales funnesl will be very effective to laser focus on your products & services.

This platform empowers you with marketing sales funnels , you can choose from incredible done for you funnels and start buiding your marketing sales funnels for products & services.

You can refer to various training tutorials , to help you build your website and sales funnels.

When you create your account and login to this platform , there is this tool call Cheetah Website Builder .

Use this tool to create your website with easy drag and drop tools .

Check out this training video , on how to create website using this tool –

Marketing Automation Tools For Your Website

When you are building your website / sales funnels , you will need marketing automation tools to add on to your website .

Which will help drive better engagement with potential customers visiting your site.

Automation tools –

  • Messenger Site Bot
  • E-Learning Tool
  • Webinars
  • Email Optin Form
  • Social Proof
  • Lead Magnets

You can access and integrate email marketing system to capture leads on your website.

This platform offers you advanced email system to nurture your leads as they optin to your email list .

You can embed email marketing form on your website.

You can also learn and implement other amazing tools available on this platform –


Capture all leads that you get on your website into the CRM app , you will be able to nurture and manage your leads very effictively.

Funnel Club

Funnel club will give you lot of power to create multiple sales funnels for your products & services.

Animated VSL Video Builder

Create video sales funnel using this app , which will give you much better engagement with your

potential customers.

App Builder

Create Android / IOS Apps using this tool to promote your products & services.

SEO On Page

Use this tool to analyse your website for search engine optimization and fix the issues before you make it live.

Social Autoposting

Use this tool to automate your social media posting , intergrate your facebook business page and automate your social media postings.

Telegram Automation

You can use this tool to automate your telegram broadcasting.

Video Tag Tool

This is an amazing tool to create call to action on your youtube videos and embed on your website.

While you are building website on this platform , you will learn lot of new tools which will help you evolve as marketer.

You will have flexibility to create multiple sales funnels and test them in your ad campaigns .

You will be able to scale your campaigns and get effective results.

Learn More About This Platform By Just Signing Up for 1 Dollar 

Hope you got some valuable insights in this blog post . Wld love to hear from you , pls do share your comments below.

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