How Can Bloggers & Influencers Do Affiliate Marketing ?

How Can Bloggers & Influencers Do Affiliate Marketing ? 

Affiliate marketing is now no more just a strategy driven by website clicks, but social media is changing the realm of it. With influencers taking over social media platforms, especially Instagram, they are now becoming an “influencing” element of successful affiliate campaigns. If you’re wondering how affiliate marketing for bloggers works, it’s like a salesperson earning a commission for the sale they do – however, digitally.

Affiliate marketing for influencers is here to stay. With the ever-increasing intensity of the challenge of marketing to GenZ demographics, it’s quite evident that conventional marketing and advertising strategies have become obsolete and will no longer work. Since the Next Gen individuals are following and trusting influencers, brands are reaching out to influencers to give their affiliate marketing website a boost.

The power of bloggers and influencers is established on trust. Influencers genuinely tell the benefits of the products or services they are promoting. This makes social proof from your influencer affiliates a significant value that can likewise push more leads and conversions for your brand.

While Instagram is ruling the domain of influencers and affiliate marketing for bloggers, Pinterest and YouTube are also performing well. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is promoting products on Pinterest and encouraging your followers to buy. When they purchase your recommended products, you earn a commission. The same goes for affiliate marketing on YouTube.

How does affiliate marketing for bloggers and influencers work?

To earn a commission, influencers will make use of uniquely trackable links to check how many sales were made when promoting a product or service. The trackable link is customized with a unique affiliate code embedded at the end of it in the description of the post.

You must have noticed, influencers sharing unique promo codes on Instagram. That’s how affiliate marketing for bloggers works. For Instagram, it’s called Instagram affiliate marketing. Similarly, for other platforms like Pinterest and YouTube, it is called Pinterest affiliate marketing and YouTube affiliate marketing.

Here’s how you can get started

To start affiliate marketing as influencers, you first need to identify the right affiliate network. These networks offer the technology for creating unique links for partner brands and products. However, each network has its own features, partner brands, and pay rate structure.

Some of the well-known affiliate networks are Shopstyle, rewardStyle, ClickBank, Amazon, CJ Affiliate, etc. Nonetheless, it’s not necessary to be a part of an affiliate network, you can partner with brands having an in-house affiliate program.

Choose the Right Place to add Affiliate Links

If we consider Instagram, there are many places where you can add affiliate links such as your bio, video descriptions, and if your follower base is more than 10K, then you can add links on your Instagram stories as well.

However, the catch here is placing the links where you get the most engagement and eventually clicks with your audience. Wondering how you will know that? You can use Instagram analytics to understand what works best for you.

Genuinely Recommend

If you wish to have real revenue flowing in, make sure you are transparent and sharing genuine recommendations. The Next Gen is smart and can differentiate between true and salesy recommendation. If you are being salesy, they won’t buy anything and can even start unfollowing you. Remember, it’s all about trust and you can build that by being real and true.

How Can Bloggers & Influencers Do Affiliate Marketing ? 

Use Analytics to Track and Measure Performance

As mentioned above, Instagram analytics is one such thing that you can leverage to measure and track your performance for affiliate marketing as influencers. You can learn about the number of clicks or sales of your affiliate links.

Over time, you will get a clear picture of what works for your follower base, what products they prefer, what price range works well, etc. Accordingly, you can tweak your affiliate marketing strategy.

Before starting make sure you have;

  • High number of followers
  • Excellent social media engagement
  • If you have a website, you should have good website traffic
  • High domain authority

Concluding Lines

Brands today want storytellers and marketing experts who can truly influence customers to buy their products or services. Affiliate marketing for bloggers and influencers have the power to engage with customers and strengthen brand affinity. The sooner brands embrace influencer affiliate marketing, the stronger hold they can have in the market.

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