How To Achieve Your Goals ?


How to achieve your goal ?

Important Learnings –

If you ever want to grow in life , then always be in the crowd of successful people .

You will start thinking like them , and eventually become successful like them .


Golden statement by Dr Vivek Bindra –

Anything that cannot be measured cannot be improved .


How To Achieve Your Goals ?


1 Create Goal Statement –

If you ever wanted to achieve anything , first create goal statement and then create your action plan around your goal statement .

Golden statement by Dr Vivek Bindra

Anything that contribute to your goal statement accept it , and anything that is not contributing to your goal statement , reject it .


Create a goal statement for yourself .

Think of a dream or desire , which you have .

Convert that dream into goal statement .

Define a date by when do you want to achieve this goal .


2 who are the 5 people you associate with ?

To achieve the goal , you need the support of a few people . you will always find some people supporting and inspiring you like Lord Krishna and a few people pulling you back like Shakuni and Manthara .

Golden Statement by Dr Vivek BIndra –

You are an average of five person you keep in your life around .

Identify 5 people with whom you associate in present .

These are people with whom you feel influenced and take advice also .

They can be a colleague , employee , customer , vendor , buyer , investor .

These people should be those , whose association is favorable to your goal statement .

3 What is ritual of sixety minute solitude ?

Once you have identified the people with whom you can associate in the present and people with whom you want to associate , then you can create your RiSiMiS Calendar .

Ri – Ritual

Si – Sixty

Mi – Minute

S- Solitude


RiSiMiS refers to doing 60 mins of learning everyday .


You have to spend 60 mins everyday in solitude for self-learning and growth .

It will help you increae your skill as well as your will .

Self  learning can happen either through watching video , hearing audio or reading a book .. spending time with your mentor .

RiSiMiS is like adding fuel your car , it will keep you moving smoothly . Practice this regularly for 1 year your life will be transformed .

Key Learnings –

Focus on creating a solid goal statement .

Put a fixed deadline to achieve your goal statement .

At least spend 1 hour in solitude .

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Wishing You Success !

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