how to generate leads for your business


How to Generate Leads For Your Business  !

Every business needs targeted and quality leads to sustain and grow , in this blog post we will share how to generate leads for your business using marketing automation tools and nurture them to get sales and conversions .

How to generate leads for your business .

Get clarity on who your buyers are ?

As a entrepreneur , i have struggled at generating leads for my business . You need lot of clarity while you are working on your marketing campaigns to promote your products or services .

Lack of clarity can result into massive losses .

With clarity i mean , understanding of –

  • Who are your dream buyers ?
  • Where will you find them ?
  • Does your product/service addresses their needs/wants ?
  • What kind of campaigns will work online ?
  • Where exactly shld you run your online campaigns i.e facebook , google , instagram , yahoo etc

Once you have got your answers to above questions and you have certain level of clarity with your marketing campaign , next important task is that you present your Products / Services in the most effective way which converts and get you sales online .

how to generate leads for your business .

Content Creation 

You need to build lot of content for your offers and have tools which helps you get desired results with online marketing campaigns .

While i was looking for High Converting Ads & Platform which can give me targeted leads , i discovered a system which works on a concept called ” Sales Funnels ”  and has 30 plus marketing automation tools to help you with your content marketing and Ads , all bundled in One Single Dashboard .

When i started working with this platform , i realized why our websites dont work ,  as it is generic in nature and dosent gives specific information to specific buyer .

Funnel V/S Websites 

Lets say you are an insurance company  and you have built your website where you are showcasing your insurance services  in a very generic way , with some images and content .

Lets call this website , you will run ad campaigns online promoting insurance services , you will give this website in the ads .

Someone looking for motor insurance specifically will get generic information on your website . Which is not good .

” Sales Funnels ” gives you more power with specific information on motor insurance , thus much better conversion .

how to generate leads for your business

High Converting Sales Funnels – Lead Magnet Funnel 

High Converting Sales Funnel , with marketing automation tools can give you targeted leads and sales .

Create high converting sales funnel with lead magnet .

Connect with Email Automation to capture leads .

As targeted audience lands on your funnel , you can give them something for free ( like ebook or any digital informative content ) in exchange of their email id .

Their email id will become part of your list .

You can then nurture them with sequence emails giving valuable information about your products & services . You can automate this process

Have created a walkthrough video to demonstrate how you can build a ‘ Sales Funnel ‘ with Lead Magnet & nurture leads with email automation to get conversions from your audience .

Check out 36 + Marketing Automation Tools in Action 

You can create your FREE Account here and get rolling .

Wld you like to explore Affiliate Marketing , check out details here .


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