Digitization has definitely accelerated automation in every industry.Lets understand how to increase sales through Marketing Automation ?

How to increase sales through Marketing Automation ?

Whether be it manufacturing or marketing and sales teams trying to give personalised customer service, automation is changing how we work today.

Sales is the core activity of every business. Pretty much every business that depends on sales needs to produce and manage leads. Sadly, the amount of time needed for each lead can be significant and most leads won’t end up making a purchase.

Imagine a scenario in which there is an approach to increase conversions and do less work. Enter marketing automation.

Automating your day-to-day marketing tasks opens up your significant time to get involved in other valuable tasks of the organization and expands the odds of converting a lead into a paying client.

As indicated by a 2020 Marketing Automation Report by the B2B Technology Marketing Community, 53% of B2B marketers are effectively utilizing marketing automation today, and another 17% are as of now assessing adopting it into their present systems.

How to increase sales through Marketing Automation ?

However, marketing automation platforms are not just helpful in marketing, but in sales as well.

  • Marketing automation permits you to
  • Automatically assemble lead data
  • Rate their probability to make a purchase
  • Send them automated messages
  • Keep a log of notes relating to every particular lead
  • Nurture the leads
  • Use reports to figure out which advertising campaigns are the best

In short, you can increase sales through marketing automation. Wondering how? Let’s dive deep into how marketing automation for businesses can help in increasing sales .


Gives a Full View of Your Leads

Effectively qualifying leads can be a confounded cycle, particularly in case, you’re focusing on prominent organizations or elusive prospects.

You may go through hours leading research, from scouring sites to reaching employees and collecting data from calls. Marketing automation platforms make understanding your leads easy with a big NO to huge loads of manual digging.

Lead Nurturing

As a marketer, your responsibility is to transform new leads into paying clients. To do this, you should nurture them through the cycle by getting them familiar with the product or service and continually staying in contact with them.

When they are prepared to buy, you should be at the forefront of their mind.

One of the advantages of marketing automation is that it permits you to set up a campaign to gradually build a relationship with leads.

For instance, you can let them know about a blog one day and afterward an eBook. You can likewise plan online courses and send online demos. The possibilities are unending and you have complete power over everything.

Focus on Quality Leads

Marketing automation for business can help you to focus on providing high-quality leads to the sales team. Both, sales and marketing teams can then be able to distinguish key attributes for high-quality prospects.

Likewise, hope from lead sources that send prospects through at a further point in the sales channel, for example, references.

References are frequently high-quality leads since they have been influenced forthright by a trusted source. This can elevate your chances to increase sales through automation.

Offers Data and Analytics

Probably the most amazing feature of marketing automation is assembling detailed analytical data on your clients and leads.

This data empowers decision-makers to settle on better choices on the most proficient method to focus their endeavors and budgets.

Also, by utilizing a data-driven methodology, you’ll be able to better engage with your clients, which can prompt higher income and a particular upper hand.

Likewise, your marketing automation platform can give you marketing and sales performance results, so you can understand how well your efforts are getting along.

Optimized Sales Efforts

Sales team is extremely occupied and always on the go from one meeting to another.

The way to effectively convert leads into loyal customers is building and reinforcing connections, however it’s hard to do this when you have at least twelve different things on your plate.

Since, marketing automation moves a significant part of the menial, everyday errands from human to machine, your sales team will be opened up to fabricate more engaging relationships with leads and clients without the need to expand staff numbers.

They’ll be able to zero in on the more significant parts of their work, so sales go up while staffing expenditure stays less.

One such marketing automation platform is Builderall. This platform provides one central platform that can help you increase sales and grow your business.

From building websites to capturing leads and sending email campaigns, this platform automates everything, giving your sales team more converted leads.

In some cases, opportunities slip, not on the grounds that marketing and sales aren’t managing their responsibilities appropriately. It may very well be on the grounds that they come up short on the insights important to close the deal.

The traditional sales funnel is broken because it doesn’t empower communication between the team. Overcoming this issue is significant. That’s when marketing automation can help both the marketing and sales team. What’s more, you can increase sales through marketing automation effectively and efficiently.

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  1. Good marketing is at the core of every business, without the right type of marketing in place ni matter how great your product or service you will not have much success. Thanks for sharing this amazing post on increasing sales through marketing automation.

  2. Anything that can save you time in this game can only be a good thing. Not only that but as the systems evolve you be able to get more and more data to go along with it to better target certain areas. I’m sure this type of product will only continue to grow. Lovely website design

  3. Although the niche I’m in right now doesn’t make use of leads (as they are addressed in this post) but I do agree with the importance of nurturing potential clients and building a relationship with them.  This can be done through email, social media, networking groups or any number of non-business-related ventures (getting involved in groups such as reading circle, knitting circle, youth sports, bowling club, etc).  

    Since I have used leads in the past, I know you are spot on in regard to getting quality leads.  Thank you for posting this great information!

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