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How to Start Affiliate Marketing? A Five-Step Guide

Are you tired of the monotonous 9-5 work schedule and typing long emails in the era of remote working? Are you trying to quit the rat race and make some money at your convenience? You can choose affiliate marketing as it is truly a real business. Most of you must have heard affiliate marketing as “making money while sleeping.” While that is definitely true, this blog will help you understand how to start affiliate marketing ? A five step guide 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing? A Five-Step Guide

Firstly, let’s understand what is affiliate marketing?

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission when you recommend or suggest someone’s products or services to your readers. It is also known as CPA marketing or performance marketing.

If you’re thinking affiliate marketing is hosting ad banners, then stop right there. Because in affiliate marketing you get paid only when a visitor purchases the product or service you recommended.

Affiliate marketing is widely adopted by brands to drive sales and earn massive online revenue, making it a win-win for both brands and affiliate marketers.

So, let’s dive into how to do affiliate marketing and have an affiliate marketing strategy

Pick a Product/Service for your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The first step of how you can start affiliate marketing is choosing a product or service that you wish to promote. If you are unable to decide on a product or service, you can choose an industry niche. But make sure while selecting a niche, you are aware and well-informed of the industry.

For example, if you are an accounting expert, it bodes well to sell accounting solutions rather than selling automotive parts. Since you know about the accounting industry, it’s better to stick to it and gain fruitful results with your affiliate marketing strategy.

Also, pick a niche that is popular, has a good reader base and is not too broad.

Create a Website

Once you have determined the niche, your next step is to create a website and start writing. While many people say that you can do affiliate marketing through YouTube or Pinterest, remember that you don’t own these channels.

You own your website/blog and can do hundreds of modifications if nothing works as per your affiliate marketing strategy. Moreover, it is important to have organic traffic to your blog. You can create a website on WordPress and start writing blogs and product reviews. Make sure you add original, genuine content and nothing salesy. You want readers to read your blogs and purchase the product. Your content will play a fundamental role in your affiliate marketing strategy.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing? A Five-Step Guide

Find and Join Affiliate Programs.

To basically start affiliate marketing, you need to find affiliate programs that sell products or services of your niche. The most popular affiliate program is Amazon as it sells almost everything. Check if it sells your product niche!

Besides Amazon, you can have a look at Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc. However, before signing for an affiliate program, ensure you have a good amount of content on your website. You don’t want to be rejected by any affiliate program. It is like building a house without any foundation.

Most of the affiliate programs are free to join however, the payment terms will vary. Further, you can reach out to vendors who don’t have an affiliate program and suggest them to start one with you. However, you can reach out to them once you’re well-established in the affiliate industry.

Review Products and Services

Start writing reviews of different products and services in your niche. When writing anything, make sure you follow SEO practices as you want your content to rank when a user is typing a highly competitive keyword in the search console. Properly insert affiliate links in your content. The more content you write, the more links, which will kick in the law of averages and you’ll eventually start selling.

Tell your readers why the product or service you’re promoting is beneficial to them. Try building a rapport with the readers. This will help users to trust you than anyone else. It is also important to show comparisons of products in the same category. Remember, you need to have conversions. The better the content, the better the conversions.

Measure the Performance of Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Any activity performed without measuring its success is half done. Regularly track the success of your affiliate marketing strategy. Set measurable goals and check the success in terms of conversion rates, amount of income earned, AOV, etc.

If your affiliate marketing strategy isn’t meeting these goals, it’s time to modify your strategy and rework your affiliate lineup.

Wrapping UP

Now that you know how to start affiliate marketing, you can now start your own affiliate business. Don’t forget to analyze the competitive landscape and then design the affiliate strategy. Follow the steps included in this article and after constant practice and perfection you will be able to make money while you sleep.

Nonetheless, to start affiliate marketing, it takes perseverance and commitment as it won’t be an overnight success. Stay determined and committed, it’s possible to be very successful with affiliate marketing.

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  1. This is a very clear, neat and honest explanation of market affiliation. Having started market affiliation I have come across all of the topics you have discussed and I think this post will help new joiners get a clear understanding of what is required. As you say, It’s not an overnight thing and it needs dedication and commitment

    • Yes James thats the idea , so beginners can get clarity when they are about to start their journey .

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