real estate video ideas


10 Real Estate Video Ideas To Boost Your Engagement –

Higher Engagement Higher Site Visits

real estate video ideas

Increase Inquiries

Real estate listings that include video see a whopping 400% percent increase in listing inquiries .

It’s also a fantastic tool for building trust, showcasing your expertise, and getting your name out there to convert more clients.

1 Property Listing Video

Instead of just putting images of the project in property listing websites .

Incorporate Videos , which will give you much higher engagement .

2 Location Video

Highlight important landmarks around the project , which will become key selling pointers for the project .

Shoot important locations , which will be part of key decision making for your customers .

3 About Me Video

If you are a Channel Partner , create a video about yourself .

Talk about your expertise , your latest accomplishments and how you have helped your clients .

That will build trust with your potential investors .

4 Client Testimonial Video

Talk to few Happy Customers , record their positive reviews .

Upload these videos regularly on social media platforms .   This will build Trust & Credibility .

5 Just Sold Video

Create a video around your property which has just been sold .

This will create massive trust among potential investors .

6 Real Estate Explainer Video

Create Info graphic Explainer Video talking about the key features , amenities , USP and why customers should invest in this project .

7 Real Estate Tips Video

Give some important insights and ideas on investing and how it will benefit yours customers and investors .

Position yourself as a influencer in the market .

8 3D Walkthrough Video

Create 3D Walkthrough Video for your Project to drive higher engagement for your project .

Have a Mini Screening Room at your sales office and show the video over there .

9 Drone Video

Drone Videos give extremely good birds eye view of the project .

You can highlight location connectivity and other important amenities of the project .

10 Local Business & Community Event Video

Create video about local Business and Community Events that happen regularly .

Potential Customers & Investors will get more confident about the location and its advantages .

Pls do review this video to understand real estate video marketing ideas –

9 Real Estate marketing ideas for lead generation & boost sales .

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