Top Benefits of Marketing Automation For Business

Marketing Automation can boost your business growth and optimize lot of manual activities which are required in traditional marketing models .

Lead Generation to Acquiring Business consists of many activities which needs to be done consistently to run your show and achieve business goals .

Automating these activities will give you required speed to get a lot more done in less time .

Lets check out some of the key benefits of marketing automation for your business .

top benefits of marketing automation for business

Top 10 Benfits of Marketing Automation

  • Reduction is staff expenses

Decreases overhead by 16 %

One person instead of several ,can efficiently automate and trigger multiple campaigns across multiple channels .

  • Improved customer relationships

By 2022 85 % of customer interactions will be managed withour human interaction .

Marketing automation can improve communication with customers by automating personallized regular communications .

  • More Time For Other Activities

75% of marketers say the biggest advantage of marketing automation is saving time .

Efficiancy increases and they can focus on other tasks .

  •  Boost in Sales

B2B Marketers who adapt an effective lead nurturing program report an average 30% boost in sales opportunities from nurtured leads .

Automation improves lead nurturing and increased the lifetime value of customer .

  • AB Testing

A/B Testing has been shown to increase conversion rates upto 300% .

Marketers use automation software to setup tests and get results within minutes .

  • Analytics

10% of marketing budgets are spent on analytics and companies expect to increase this to 15% over next 3 years .

Research provided direct increase in profits and marketing ROI for companies using analytics .

  • Faster Lead Conversion Time

Thomson Reuters reported sales conversion time dropped by 75% with marketing automation .

After implementing marketing automation it took 75% less time in converting leads ,this contributed to a 190% increase in revenue .

Many companies report increased revenue and decreased lead conversion time after implementing the software .

  • Segmentation and Personalization

Personalized emails improved click through by 17% and conversion rate by 12% .

Segmenting audiences by interests allows marketers to personalize content for each groups needs . This improves open rates and CTR .

  • Better Lead Generation

80% of marketing automation users increased their leads 77% increased conversions .

Automating the lead nurturing process allows marketers to easily personalize interactions that reflect where a lead is in the customer journey .

  • Reducing Human Errors In Campaigns

12% of B to B marketers says the biggest benefit with marketing automation is less error .

When emails,social mediaposts and other items are pre-scheduled and crafted in advance, mistakes are reduced .

top benefits of marketing automation for business

Other Proven Benefits of Marketing Automation

  1. Raise Business Productivity
  2. Reduce Human Errors
  3. Lower Costs
  4. Manage and Nurture Leads
  5. Reduce Lead Conversion Time
  6. Retain Customers
  7. Target Prospects Across Different Platforms
  8. Extensive Marketing Strategy Analysis
  9. Enhance Cross Selling Opportunities
  10. Increase Your Revenues


Most important benefit of marketing automation is scalability , with reduced manual work and automated systems in place you can scale your business exponentially .

Marketing Automation Tools

Lets check out some of the tools that can help you with marketing automation –

  • The best and fastest drag and drop Website Builder with hundreds of features
  • The Only Real and complete Graphic Funnel Builder
  • Vídeo hosting tool
  • Membership websites and e-learning system
  • Unlimited Email Marketing (yes, we said unlimited email marketing)
  • CRM and automation systeml
  • Chatbot and SiteBot
  • Booking Calendar
  • Super checkout system with dozens of payment gateway integrations
  • Ecommerce Checkout
  • Auction Checkout
  • Magazine builder ( Lead Magnet )
  • Mockup and image editor
  • Vídeo Wrapper
  • Browser Notifications
  • Blog Builder
  • Chat Builder

Sales Funnels

Start using sales funnel builders to grow your sales online , there are quite a few funnel building platforms available online .

With sales funnels you can map customer buyer journey ,drive much better engagement and higher conversions .

To know more about sales funnels ,check out video below –

Check how email automation can help you nurture leads and get conversion –

Using the right tools for marketing automation can help you boost your sales performance and build audience for your products & services .

Checkout this platform which can help you learn and implement marketing automation in your business .

Intrested in Affiliate Marketing ,learn more on this link .

Hope you got some valuable insights in this blog post .

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