Top Lead Generation Ideas for Small Businesses in 2021

B to B Businesses thrive on lead generation .

Prime objective of any B to B Business shld be, to have sales funnels filled with targeted & qualified leads in shortest possible time .

With sales funnels full of targeted leads , you can go for maximum conversions .

Its been observed that almost 70% of marketers find it difficult to generate qualified leads , in this blog post we have made an attempt to share effective lead generation ideas for small businesses in 2021 .

Top Lead Generation Ideas for Small Businesses in 2021

Lets discover top lead generation ideas for small businesses in 2021 –


Linkedin was always know for head hunting and majorly used by HR Professionals to find right candidates,but now with linkedin’s new sales features marketers are using this platform effectively to network with potential clients and do business with them .

Steps to follow –

Create good looking profile with keywords of your products & services . Put in your Web URL .

Identify your target audience and send them personalized messages to connect with your profile , with personalized messages most people will accept your invite .

Create high value educational content messages and send them using linkedin messenger to your target audience .

Regularly post educational blogs on your linkedin feed .

Regularly post educational videos on your linkedin feed .

With regular content marketing on linkedin , you will be able to generate atleast 7 to 8 leads a week from this platform .



Use Whatsapp Business Edition to promote your products & services .

Create list of your targeted customers ,broadcast them regularly with some high quality educational content about your products & services . Don’t push salesy messages on this platform .

Share your Blog Links with them , which gives them valuable info and they will remember you when there is right time to do business .

Automate whatsapp broadcasting , there are quite a few whatsapp broadcasting tools available . We have discovered one of the best tools to automate your whatsapp messaging .

See this tool in action here .



If your business thrives on local clients ,this tool will help you find local client with its search engine .

This platform uses API from GMB ( Google My Business ) you need to put in the keywords and will show up list of your targeted audience who are listed on GMB .

You can also do email marketing using this platform .

Very effective tool to find local clients , see this platform in action over here .


Email Marketing

Most important thing you need to keep in mind is that ‘ stop spamming ‘ your target audience with email marketing .

Build quality email list of your target audience using lead magnets .

Create high quality PDF with lots of valuable information and give it away for free in exchange of their email id .

This way you can create high quality email list and send them automated email campaigns.

Nurture your target audience with regular email campaigns .

Check out this platform , which will give you good info on how to build high quality email list and give you tools to automate your email campaigns .

Top Lead Generation Ideas for Small Businesses in 2021

Sales Funnel

Build high converting sales funnels , where your target audience can get high value information and help them understand your products & services better .

Sales funnels will also help you attract targeted buyers .

See how you can create high converting sales funnels on this platform . There are some amazing done for you funnels on this platform .


Facebook Ads

Run Facebook Ads to get targeted leads .

You can run facebook ads at low budgets to get qualified leads . You can get leads for as low as Inr 50 per lead on facebook .

Its not that difficult to run facebook ads , you don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to run facebook ads .

You just need to understand basic tools & techniques , which can be learnt easily .

If you want to learn facebook ads , check out this Online Video Training .

Check out this blog post on How to Increase Sales with Marketing Automation .

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