Unique Realestate Marketing Ideas 2021 – Work on Cutting Edge Digital Content 

In this blog post,we have made an attempt to share some unique real estate marketing ideas for 2021.

Realestate is a high ticket sale , you need to be really innovative and think out of the box when

it comes to marketing .

Investors are smart and very well informed in this digital age.

Create content which engages your potential buyer to book the  site visit.

Before you start marketing,build rock solid foundation of your digital content to promote project.

Identify different Buyer Persona and create specific content for these buyers,which will give them relevant info.

Inspire Home Buyers with meaningful content,you will get more site visits and sales.

In this blog post,we have made an attempt to share most exciting digital content techniques & actionable realestate marketing ideas for 2021 .


Create Sales Funnel 

Generic Corporate website is thing of past now with multiple projects showcased .

Sales funnel with specific project details will get you site visits and sales .

Typical flow for a high performing funnel –

Project Landing Page

Capture Emails

Connect with Email Automation ( Sequence Emails )

Drip Email Sequence to Nurture Clients

Connect to Sitebot ( Capture Responses with Specific Questions )

Based on responses identify buyer persona .

Make calls and block site visits .


Google My Business Page 

Local search on google is gaining massive momentum , increasingly people are searching ‘ places near me ‘ .

You need to get top listing for your project , so people can find you when they search for properties near them .

Update project content regularly on your Google My Business Page .


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Offer Home Valuation 

Create a sitebot , helping home buyers to understand valuation for their home and suggest investment strategies .

You can create an intelligent sitebot for your Sales landing Page / Funnel . Work on flow chat for the bot and give it to developer , he will do the rest .


top benefits of marketing automation for business

Publish a Quiz – 

People like participating in the quiz .

Create an exciting quiz on your sales funnel and reward people who are winning the same .

You will get much better engagement for your project .

3d walkthrough animation cost in india


Answer Buyer / Seller Questions on Your Blog – 

Create a blog on your sales funnel .

Answer all the possible question of potential buyer in this blog , they will be well informed about your project .

Highlight all the advantages vs all the disadvantages of other projects in same location .


Create Video Blog Post –

Create a blog post with video series talking about location advantages , shoot video series about new restaurants , malls , offices , schools etc .

Post regular videos on this blog post for people to refer . excite them regularly with new content .


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Create Infographics – 

Create Informative infographics on your project and post on pinterest .

Pinterest can get you lot of free traffic to your sales funnel . Create amazing and attractive infographics to catch eyeballs .

Your infographics should give massive value to potential customers .


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Create Digital Business Cards –

You can now create digital business cards on whatsapp .

Create business card with specific project details , share it on whatsapp . Potential Buyers can have quick look about about your project .

Customers can communicate over whatsapp and engage with your project .


Youtube Video Marketing –

Realestate players have been ignoring youtube marketing , increasingly home buyers are searching for properties on youtube .

Have a youtube channel and grow your channel with valuable content , you will gain subscribers and they can become your potential investors .

Upload atleast 4 videos every week to get traction .


We are working on this Youtube Channel for our Client .

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Film an Infographics Explainer Video –

A must do ! Create infographics explainer video talking about interesting facts and figures of your project .

Share ROI and other important aspects of your project using awesome graphics .

Amaze your investors with exciting possibilities of investing in your project .


Check out this Video Link , we did for our Client .

Drone Videos – 

Create stunning drone videos giving birds eye view of your project , put hotspots on important locations .

Highlight proximity of important locations from your project . Capture dynamic elevation shots to wow your investors .

Drone videos can give stunning look to your projects .


Check out this VIDEO LINK , we did for our Client .

Interactive Videos –

Now you can make interactive videos , which gives investors the power to control video and select certain section which they are interested in watching .

You can embed certain questions in the video which will guide potential customers to choose sections which interests them the most .

Interactive videos is the future of real-estate video marketing .


Testimonial Videos – 

Bytes from Happy Customers is the best possible way to promote your projects .

Shoot testimonial videos in a studio with  green chroma setup , package these videos with info graphics .

Testimonial videos can create massive credibility with new buyers and can motivate them to take next step in closing the sale .

Photoreal 3D Walkthroughs –

3D Rendering Technology has evolved over past 20 years , now you can create photorealistic 3d walkthroughs for your projects .

3D Walkthrough with dramatic shots will wow your investors .

Play your film on large screen at sales lounge , will get your potential customers at the edge of their seats .

This can boost sales at site .

Check ou this VIDEO LINK , we did for our Client .

Real Estate Virtual Tour –

Showcasing sample flat has been a very important aspect in real estate sales .

Now you can showcase your sample flat with the help of virtual tours , potential customers can get realistic feel of the property sitting at their homes  .

Create Virtual Tour with interactive features , customers will be able to navigate through the property and capture all the details .

Check out this LINK , we created for our Client .

Facebook Marketing – 

Video marketing on facebook can give you very good results . You can do laser targeting with the help of facebook ads .

Video ads have been working really very well to get higher engagement , which results into much better site visit and sales .

Sharing case study video to give you much better clarity –

Click on this LINK 

Email Marketing – 

Email Spamming and Mass Mailing is now Dead .

Even if you try mass mailing on database the best open rate you will get is around 2 to 3 %  .

Now its about legitimate list building , where people opt-in to your email list after checking your offer .

When you send email campaigns to your opt-in list , you can get open rate of 20 to 25 % which is incredible .

You can send sequence of emails using email automation and nurture your leads .

Hope you found some valuable info in this blog post .

We will be sharing more info in our next blog post of unique real estate marketing ideas .

Pls do share the blog post with someone you think will find value .

Also pls do leave your comments below .

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