Which are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs ?


Which are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs ?

It sounds fascinating to earn money from your blog. But, it is quite real when you are legit earning while sleeping. Initially, affiliate marketing may feel daunting, but affiliate marketing platforms can help you overcome that. If you are reading this, you already know what affiliate marketing is and its benefits.

Every day, thousands of bloggers are earning income by simply partnering up with companies through affiliate marketing programs. If you are a beginner, you might be muddled as to how everything works. Firstly, you need to understand what is affiliate marketing and how to start. For this, you can refer to my earlier blog “How to start affiliate marketing and which platform might help?”

As there are zillions of products out there, so are affiliate marketing programs in the market. You might already be a part of one or two. However, to make some real money, you need to identify a program that is valuable, recognizable, and profitable. Again, choose the programs that apply to your niche. To ensure you pick the right affiliate marketing program, I’ve compiled a list of top affiliate marketing programs that can help you earn more.

Which are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs ?

Amazon Associates

Just like Amazon is your preferred platform to buy something online, Amazon Associates is the most favorite affiliate marketing program of many beginners. If you are just starting out, then this program is perfect for you.

As Amazon is one of the most trusted and biggest e-commerce services in the world, it’s simple and easy to link to any product. You get up to 10% of any sale that comes through your link. To easily manage your Amazon affiliate links, you can embed the WordPress AAWP plugin. The plugin can make Amazon links that apply to particularly each visitor’s country.

eBay Partners

eBay is another huge online marketplace with a fruitful affiliate marketing program. eBay platform in itself is very diverse, wherein you can find any product anywhere. Further, to join eBay’s affiliate marketing program, there are no strict rules. You just need to share or link your listing and directly earn if someone purchases through your link.

So, find the listings on eBay you want to promote and market them using Ebay’s Partner Network tools. And Voila, you get paid.


To introduce LeadPages, it is basically a lead generation tool that helps you to develop high-converting websites, alert bars, Facebook ads, and much more. It is a perfect platform for non-technical professionals as they can create stunning websites using the platform’s easy-to-use tools. Its affiliate marketing program pays you a base 10% recurring commission for each past and present visitor that remains a customer. Nonetheless, you can gain up to 50% contingent upon the new referrals per month that come through your website.

Moreover, it also gives access to ready-made ads and helps you with extra content deliverables to educate your audience.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is regarded as one of the oldest and most trusted affiliate marketing programs. However, it is not a platform like Amazon but a network. How this platform works is that it will connect you with the vendors/merchants and take care of those relationships for you.

This platform is perfect for beginners as you don’t have to directly deal with vendors. More than 1500 merchants are associated with Commission Junction across a wide range of niches. It is highly recommended to be a part of this network.

Which are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs ?


Semrush is a comprehensive SaaS marketing platform that helps you manage your SEO, social media and content activities. Irrespective of the size, this tool has proved beneficial to every organization to drive more sales digitally. ShareASale is a well-known affiliate marketing program with a plethora of merchants across different niches.

Affiliate marketing program of Semrush is on ShareASale now. This program offers a flat commission of $200 for each new subscription or $10 for each new trial activation. The good part is that you get paid on the 20th of every month.


A relatively new player in the market, Awin is growing tremendously. Awin is the product of the merger of Zanox and Affilinet, which are again affiliate networks. Awin has more than 8,000 merchants registered and offers affiliate marketing programs in many countries.

It’s easy to use feature has garnered a lot of attention and hype. Nonetheless, this platform is more focused on physical products and not software related products.


Customerly will help you create effective marketing campaigns, better sales funnels and build long-lasting customer relationships. Its affiliate marketing program will offer you a 30% recurring commission for the first year.

Registering for this affiliate program is pretty simple. You’ll immediately get a link and other resources to get started instantly. Further, it also guides you on how you can better promote the software.

Which are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs ?


FlexOffers is regarded as one of the largest affiliate networks with more than 12,000 merchants registered with them. It is again a network platform, similar to CJ, and not a marketplace.

FlexOffers’ platform is well-known as a “sub-affiliate” platform. It’s because FlexOffers becomes a part of the merchant’s program as an affiliate. It then permits affiliates to use the links rather than applying to merchants directly. In short, FlexOffers acts as a middleman and will split the commission with you.

You can earn less here compared to other affiliate marketing programs. However, this platform can be a good option for beginners.

Referral Candy

As the name suggests, you get a commission for every referral you make. It is an eCommerce affiliate marketing program, providing data-driven insights regarding traffic sources to each customer.

It’s affiliate marketing program is a bit different. They provide a partner program that is typically used by agencies to increase their clients’ sale. As an agency, you will have access to marketing and sales materials, dedicated support channels, etc. If you’re not an agency, the platform will give $20 for every contact that registers with them through your invite link.


Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms that help businesses go online within minutes using its simple and sophisticated built-in tools. Its affiliate marketing program is one of the best platforms to earn some extra cash.

Its program will pay you $58 per sale whenever someone registers for their paid plan. Moreover, they even provide a dedicated affiliate manager for any support needed.

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